Our Mission

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Althena Fitness was created to empower not only women but men too, we do sell some shoes for the guys. Our office is located in Kirkland, Washington, USA

While my given name is Karen, I like to go by Katrinka, the name my dad wanted to give me at birth but my mom said absolutely NOT! I love that name. Sadly, he passed away nearly 30 years ago after a long illness. When it came to running a company he was a genius. I'd like to think he'd be kind of proud to see what his little girl has accomplished. My entire life has been geared toward helping others in some fashion. I was the go to person in school for advice. Or maybe I was just a good vessel for friends who needed venting. My passion is to find great quality products for you and charge the least amount possible. I want you to feel and look amazing. 

I love our planet and am greatly saddened by what mankind has done to our home. Global Warming is a real threat to us all so I've chosen to share 10% of our profits with Clean Air Task Force out of Boston.

Thank you for being here and sharing my endeavor with each purchase you make.